~Aryan pal

You must have seen artistic people tossing away their work which they do not find appealing. If you would take a look at those discarded artworks you would notice that they were good enough to

be kept, and sometimes these creative people produce things that may not look marvelous to you at to them those things seem to be a masterpiece.
So what is this abstract and unknown phenomena that differs the perception of hours with those of the art enabled people? How do artists get an Insight beautiful things that seem common to us? Fortunately I’ve had my own artistic experiences and hence I think that I can write about this sixth sense of the craftsmen.
My friends and I have always been confused what to call this amazing yet little known phenomena. So we call it at ‘the feel’. According to our definition ‘feel’ is basically the satisfaction an artist feels when he creates something that he can exhibit to the world with pride, it is the sensation that whirls his soul and make sim believe that he has achieved what he was sent here for, to do his portion of shaping the universe. Artist are artist because they literally feel the slopes, the curve, the lines they make when their paintbrush traverses across the canvas, they feel overwhelmed, happy, sad, everything while working on their masterpiece, and if they do not feel all this then they are not satisfied they feel unhappy and as a result the ‘feel-less’ work on which they strived is thrown away.
Artists love their work as much as a mother loves her progeny, they feel linked to the art at a spiritual level. ‘The feel’ which they get when creating the craft makes them meditate they are very similar to a monk at that time communicating with the celestials and beyond universe.
‘The feel’ is the reason of our universe being so beautiful and perfect because someone beyond the universe must have felt the same way we do when we achieve something we were designed for.

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