~Aryan Pal

Ever ran a race? Do you know when does a racer feels the maximum adrenaline rush?

Well according to me it is the time when the race begins.

Journeys are important for a destination but you cannot make a journey if you do not begin. Beginning requires the maximum of you and your efforts, beginnings are the most beautiful as well as the most arduous part of a phenomena. A painter is the most attentive and careful when he strokes his ‘masterpiece’ with the first hue, the first colourful line he paints on his canvas is the beginning of his art. Our universe was the brightest and the most torrid when it was new, love stirs the heart the most when it blossoms fresh.

Beginnings as I stated are beautiful but they are also complex. Beginnings are not the start of anything they are the first realization of the existence of anything. You begin yourself when you truly understand who you are and what are you here for.

Like most of the wonderful things in this mortal realm beginning is not easy it requires you, your time, your work, everything. When you begin with all of yourself you become a part of what you are beginning, you start a phenomena and then become one.

So here we are the team of ‘SOULSTORY’  beginning with a dream to chase. Beginning to make a difference. Beginning to stand for what we believe in.

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