There was something about those eyes. Something special. As if the whole world was waiting to get a glimpse of those eyes but I was the lucky winner who got the chance to see them first.

“You have your mother’s eyes,” I whispered in her ears.

Her new little fingers grasped my finger tightly. Holding her in my arms I felt as if I was holding my entire world.

I still remember the day I first met her mother. She was sitting there all alone.

“ Can I take your picture? “

“ Why? “

She said this without looking at me.

“ of all the things I have seen, you are the second most beautiful. “

“ and what is the first one? “

“ Your Eyes. “

“ Why should I believe you? “

She was still looking down stirring her cup of coffee.

“ I am a photographer. I capture beauty. No one knows about beauty better than me.” She looked in my direction but not at me.

“ Dead! “

“ What? “

“My eyes, they are dead. I am blind,“ Her eyes were trying to guess my position.

“ You said no one knows beauty better than you but I don’t know what is beauty. I don’t know the difference between beauty and ugliness. Do you still think that my eyes are beautiful?”

I couldn’t see her eyes because they were blurred with tears.

“ In our profession they say, If the picture is blur, you are not close enough, ” I moved closer to her. Her face just inches away from mine. She was still trying to guess my position. My breath directed her to me. I kissed her eyes and she got her answer.

I was looking in those eyes. Her eyes. I tried to uncurl her little fingers by pressing on her palm, she curled them back into a tight fist and I captured this moment in my camera.

“ Operation theater is ready.”

“ Coming Doctor. “

“ Are you sure you want to do this? “

“ What do my reports say Doctor? “

“ You have maximum 4 months. “

“ Then I am pretty much sure. “

“ But you will never be able to capture beauty in your camera anymore. “

“ Doctor my wife is the second best beauty in this world and do you know what is the first one? My daughter’s eyes, ” I felt as if she smiled when I said this. “ and I have captured both in my camera.”

Lying in the bed I closed my eyes. All images started to fade. Now everything was black and when I opened my eyes it seemed like millions of years had passed. I opened my eyes but…but it was still dark.

“ What is this Doctor? Switch on the lights!! “

“ Lights are on. Are you alright? You have taken such a difficult decision…”

“ No, no Doctor don’t worry, I was just checking whether you did your job perfectly or not.” I laughed but I sensed Doctor’s displeasure to my joke.

“How is my wife? “

“ Operation was successful but… “

“ I know, she need some answers. Please Doctor take me to her. “

The distance to her room was the longest distance I have ever travelled.

” I told you not to take this decision and you said you were just kidding, then why you did this? ”

She said. She was crying.This time she could see me but I couldn’t see her. I have given my vision to my masterpiece. Her image was not on my retina but my mind was drawing a blur image of her in front of me.

“ In our profession they say, If the picture is blur, you are not close enough,”

I was trying to guess her position.She moved closer to me. Her breath directed me to her. I kissed her eyes and she got her answer.

Sahil Lakhmani

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